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Calista for Angela 1.0

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author: Baron_Vlad_Harkonnen 2011-05-25 / 530views / 27clicks


Calista is a complete high-res body textures package for BVH's Angela 1.0.

You could find out more and get a copy of Angela 1.0 at

Featuring 2056x2056 sized texture maps, this will allow Angela 1.0 to be rendered close to your scene camera and still look photorealistic!

Includes numerous significant improvements over the base Angla 1.0 textures. This package was created using high-res photo textures giving you photo-real body texturing for Angela 1.0.

The textures have been significantly optimized to provide fast rendering within Poser. At just 2MB total size, you could use Calista for your crowd scenes without worries about major slowdowns in rendering time!

With Calista, you could easily populate your scenes with up to 6-12 extra background characters without stressing your computer's memory and processor to breaking point.

If you're working on that huge project with a short deadline and need a Poser figure texture that wouldn't take hours to render, then Calista is your choice!

Here's the items you get with your download of Calista for Angela 1.0

- Calista body textures (jpg format: four 2056x2056 texture files total)
- associated skin texture MAT file" height="1200" width="800" border="0" alt="BVH_CALISTA" />" height="1200" width="800" border="0" alt="BVH_CALISTA" />

Operating System: any
Software/Package: Angela 1.0 - available at
License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.
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