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Apollo Character Tasenthi

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author: Arrogathor 2012-05-08 / 117views / 6clicks

This is part of my V2 project. The idea was to create second skin textures suitable for easy use for simple projects. I decided to include a male figure as well as V2. I started with M2 but included Apollo when I discovered M2 was no longer available free. This is the second part of the fourth texture for Apollo. It has adult, erotic, nude elements and is not suitable for minors. This package requires bump maps from the first Apollo Packagein the series. It also requires textures from the Decent package for this character. The decent package includes the face textures for this character. I am running a thread on this at Daz look there for more information;=

Runtime/Libraries/Pose/Arrogathor/Apollo/People/3-ran-Tasenthi/Indecent 3 poses
/Bottomless 14 Poses
/Dirty 11 Poses
/Leather and Latex 7 Poses
/Paddled 8 Poses

40 Textures and poses in this package.

You will need to set bump, specularity and glossiness values. Bump is usually around 90 or 100% and a negative .1 to .3, spacesuits need glossiness set to white, around 70.

Operating System: any
Software/Package: This is a standalone item.
License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.
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